What We Do

In the most literal sense what we do is very simple; we buy a product in one country and sell it in another. But in reality what we do is actually a little more layered than the fundamentals of internationals trades. We create longterm, mutually beneficial relationships with our buyers and sellers, helping them to match their products with consumer demand abroad.

We have a length and breadth of knowledge in sourcing products and brands at home, and away, and finding gaps and trends in the markets we operate in. From automotive parts, snacks and beverages to consumer electronics, cosmetics and recreational sporting equipment – we know our markets.

We operate in several markets within East Asia and Europe. But we specialise in the British, South Korean and Japanese markets. Having offices within the UK and South Korea means that we can take a hands on approach to trends and market movements.

Through our expertise in matching consumer demand with supply, we help companies steadily grow their brands abroad, either through wholesale distribution or straight to market sales – we know what will sell and where it sells best. 

If you have a product suggestion or would like to expand your sales abroad, get in contact with us here.